Minimum Registration Requirements

  • Minimum Registration Requirements

There are minimum hour registration requirements for an academic year, and every student must comply to remain an active graduate student. Please keep in mind that by only meeting these minimum requirements you are considered a part-time student; for full-time status there are different requirements.

Requirement Credits Required
New students must register for a minimum of 2.0 hours in the first semester
or term they are admitted.
2.0 Hours
Anytime University facilities and faculty are used by a graduate student they
must register for at least 2.0 hours.
2.0 Hours
When you are holding your oral thesis exam you must be registered for at
least 2.0 hours.
2.0 Hours
The semester you are graduating you must be registered for at least 2.0
2.0 Hours
To retain active status graduate students must receive acceptable grades
in at least 6.0 hours each academic year (September through August)*.
6.0 Hours
*D, E, W, NS and I grades do not count towards the minimum registration requirement,
nor do audit or independent study courses.

Students who do not fulfill the minimum registration requirement are dropped from their graduate programs. 

International students have different minimum registration requirements. For more information, please go to Full-Time Status.

Students who lose their graduate status must apply for readmission if they decide to complete their graduate degree later (see Application to Resume Graduate Studies).

Students who are graduating must be registered for a minimum of 2 credit hours when they defend and graduate.  It is preferred that you register for dissertation, thesis, project, or internship hours.

Semester Hours Required (Part-time)
Fall 2.0 Hours
Winter 2.0 Hours
Spring/Summer 1.0 Hour Spring and 1.0 Hour Summer; OR 2.0 Hours Spring;
OR 2.0 Hours Summer

Occasionally students in a non-thesis program have completed all course work and have nothing to register for when they graduate.  When that occurs, you may pay for 2 hours by contacting Graduate Studies (same as tuition) to fulfill this requirement.